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From Bernard Twite July 2017, "Early family were Thwaite, then Twaite and finally Twite, no Twaits. John Thomas Twaite father was born1856 and was shown as Twite until 1871. After that he was down as Twaite, so the name carried on as such; John Thomas cycle dealer is the family. Found a William Twaits born 1792 King's Lynn who was a baker married a Mary Ann Eastwick in 1815, their son Samuel born Dersingham 1816. Samuel 1841 Dersingham baker, 1851 Baker and grocer, 1861 and 1871 Miller and Baker at West Newton Mill, 1881 onwards retired back living in Dersingham. I cannot find any link with Samuel. As Twaite's corner is now Post Office Corner I don't suppose the corner name matters now. Hope this makes sense, Best wishes, Bernard".

More from Bernard,
"Thomas Twite born 1826 at Roydon married a Sarah Ann Painter born Flitcham. In the 1871 census Thomas is shown as Twite, in 1881 his name is shown as Twaite, I don't think this is a mistake in records as the name then stayed as Twaite through the children. Thomas had a son John Thomas Painter Twaite born 1856. John married Caroline Emma Marsters at South Wootton in1879. John lived in Roydon till he married then Gaywood.

John and Caroline had a son John Thomas born 1882 at South Wootton. In 1901 John Thomas is living at Hanover Square, London working as a grocer's assistant. He narried in 1908, his wife Annie was from Gayton. In 1911 John was living at Sunnyside Villas Dersingham, a cycle agent. Sunnyside Villas is now the shoe shop in Hunstanton Road. In 1930 John was still a cycle agent , a 1939 government survey showed John as a garage owner, the garage was at the junction of Lynn and Post Office Roads he was living at the 'Laurels'. I had a problem finding the 'Laurels', it is now called The Old Forge and is in Chapel road. The garage was destroyed in a fire in the late nineteen fourties. Johns wife, Annie, died in 1948, he later married a Violet Rayner. John died in 1957.

In the 1939 survey Violet was Violet Rayner a newsagent living at the paper shop Lynn Road, her husband was Ernest a postman who died in 1945. John and Annie had a son Jack born 1910. Jack served in the RASC in the Second World War and was killed in 1941; he is buried in Tobruk libya, his address was given as the garage Dersingham, he left a wife Doris.

One mystery I still have to solve is that in May 1913 a John Annie and Jack Twaite whose address was given as Kings Lynn sailed to Canada on the 'Ausonia'; John was described as a farmer. They returned I March 1914; John was described as a labourer. The names and ages fit, did they go to see if they should live there, who kept the business going.a mystery.

I also found an Albert Churchyard died in 1945 at 'The Laurels', he was the brother-in-law of John. Albert was born in London and lived and worked there all his life , he married Johns sister Genevieve, after Ieaving school she moved to London to work where she met Albert.

In the late seventeen hundreds a brother and sister Thomas and Elizabeth Twite were living at Sporle. Elizabeth moved to Gooderstone; she was where my line of the Twite family come from. Thomas moved to Titteshall his family moved to Grimston where there are still Twites living and  that is John Twaites line ."

We mention Twaite's Corner under Places and include a photograph.

More will be added as it becomes available from researchers.

From Bernie Twite on 27th January 2020:
A little update on John Twaite and Canada. Shipping records show on 29 May 1913 John, Annie, and Jack Twaite from King's Lynn sailed on Ausonia from Southampton to Quebec. Arrival records describe John as a motor mechanic. Shipping records show John, Annie, and Jack arrived at Bristol on19 March 1914 from St John New Brunswick on Royal George.

A possible link to Canada is in 1912 a Godfrey Twite from Grimston, who would have been a cousin, went to Quebec and lived in Montreal; he returned to England in 1919. Funny how things join up; Godfreys brother died in WW1, he married his brother's widow. I now know that someone I worked with when i first started work was Godfrey's son, and his son lived near me in Lynn road.
Regards ,Bernie