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What's New Here
A list of what has been added to the web site this year

21 Added photographs of Frederick and Roland Linford to our Linford family of Dersingham page

24 Provided a new page about the Linford family of Dersingham
15 Added a photograph of an elephant passing Linford's Stores in 1938

30 Joshua Freeman - Farmer of Dersingham added
26 Added a report concerning the Hamond and Elwes families and their involvement in Dersingham.
10 Added Opening the Dersingham Sports Pavilion by The Duke of Edinburgh
09 Added the story behind Linford's Corner
07 Added new photographs to the Football page - 1922/23 and a Ralph 1931/32
06 Published a new article about the Dersingham Rifle Range that was opened in 1907
     Added some comments to the Albert Victor and Tithe Cottage articles from Dick Melton
     Added an sale notice of Robert Balding's property in Dersingham on 24th Feb 1875 in 'The Alexandra' article.
10  Published a new article about "The Alexandra" later known as "Station Hotel"

28  Added a newspaper article to the "Albert Victor" - Transfer of Licence
26  Added a lot of names to the Football pictures thanks to Bernie Twite
25  Added a lot of names to the ROC picture thanks to Bernie Twite
23  Started a page for Cricket with one photograph from about 1989.
20  Added detail to The Dersingham Royal Observer Corps page
16  Added a family story with photos of John and Catherine Smith to our 'Dun Cow' article
16  Memories of Dersingham by Harry Thorpe is published
15  The White Horse Public House - a brief history
11  Tithe Cottage Number - 55 Manor Road, a short article.
10  A new page under Organisations has been started for the The Dersingham Royal Observer Corps
10  A new section within People for Sport has been started with a page of Dersingham football team photographs kindly donated to us by Stephen Bunn.
08  Added 1879 Kelly's Directory for Dersingham,

30  Added a narrative about the businesses in Dersingham about 1930.
28  Added a very small 1830 Pigot Directory and the 1888 Kelly's Directory for Dersingham
      Added a photograph of an unknown young girl by Frederick William Ralph  to the bottom of the Ralph page
11  84 Chapel Road - Grocer and much more