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Dersingham at War
These photographs show some of the organisations that were formed, and activities that took place, in Dersingham as a result of Britain being at War. Where known the photos are named from left to right.
World War 2
Dersingham First Aid Personnel

Miss Athow, Mr F Houchen, Miss Goss, Mrs Glyde, Mr P Houchen, Mrs Bunting, Mrs Wilson, Mr J Welham, Miss Reynolds

Middle: Mr Drayton, Miss M Stanton, Colonel Morphew, Mrs A C M Coxon, (Senior Casualty Worker) Dr  A C M Coxon, Mrs Burton, Mr Fisher.

Front: Miss M Rolfe, Mr. G Emmerson, Miss D Goff, Miss Standaloft, Mr J Playford, Mrs Stoveld, Miss Rout

"Salute the Soldier" Week Carnival

The carnival queen (centre) was Ann Linford with her attendants Janet Chambers, Olive Southgate, Joy Read, and Rita Hyner

Dersingham Branch of Women's Institutes July 1944 (1)

Mrs F Wells, Mrs Rutherford, Miss Bunting (?), Mrs Howell, Mrs T Houchen, (? hidden)
Second back: Mrs Welham, Mrs A C M Coxon, Mrs Allen, Mrs Lloyd Pratt, Miss C Stanton, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Prime,
Mrs Southgate, Miss H (?)
Third:  Mrs. Scas (?), Mrs. A Nurse, Mrs Keeley, Miss Garner, Mrs (?), Mrs Burton, Miss Reynolds, Mrs R Daw,
Mrs Searle, Mrs Short, Mrs Firth
Second: Mrs R Houchen (hon sec) Mrs F Bunn, (vice-president), Mrs T Bunn, Mrs Taplin, Miss D L Brown,
Miss S Corkran (vice-president), Miss Sayer
Front: Mrs Manning, Mrs M Senter, Mrs G Lee, Mrs E Soanes, Mrs Leathersitch, Mrs W Fitt

Dersingham Branch of Women's Institutes July 1944 (2)

Mrs Hunter, Mrs Drayton, Mrs (?), Mrs Hardesty, Mrs Twite, Mrs Bolton, Mrs Wells, Mrs F Wells
Second back:  Mrs W Nurse, Mrs Whyatt, Mrs J Chambers, Mrs J Jackson, jun, Mrs E Riches, Mrs Barlow, Mrs Boughen,
Miss Yallop, Mrs Wilson, Mrs G Wells, Mrs Dew, Mrs Welham
Third: Mrs Blowers (out of frame), Mrs Harrison, Mrs S Wells, Mrs F Fitt, Mrs Harrod, Mrs Franklyn, Mrs Hodges, Miss Woods,
Mrs Gagen, Mrs Hudson, Mrs A Southgate, Mrs W R Senter, Mrs W Smith, Mrs Scas (?)
Second: Mrs Batterbee, Mrs Rolfe, Mrs R Stanton, Mrs Linford, Miss Butcher, Miss Farrant,  Mrs Seaman, Mrs C Reynolds,
Mrs Jolley (vice-president), Miss A C Brown (President), Mrs R Houchen (hon sec)
Front: Mrs Chilvers, Mrs S Bird, Mrs Hammill, Mrs C Taylor, Mrs Francis, Mrs Courtney, Mrs W Walden, jun, Mrs Rayner,
Miss D Chambers, Mrs Manning

Dersingham Wardens

  Messrs G Blowers, H Standaloft, J Walker, Taplin, H Prime, L Tuck, C Lincoln, R Linford, Rayner, and Barnard
Front: Messrs W Walden sen, Potter, G Coates, D Terrington, Lloyd Pratt, (Senior Warden), J Jackson jun. Mason-Jones, Rolfe and E Tingle

Dersingham Savings Collectors

  Mesdames Linford, Whyatt, & MacGarigle, Miss A.C.Brown, Mrs F Wells, Mrs Rutherford, Miss E Stanton & Mrs W Walden (secretaries), Mesdames L Boughen, Read, H Nurse & Shipton

Middle: Mesdames Hodges, Warren, & Linford, Miss Garner, Mesdames Short, Drayton, Keeley & Allen

Front: Mrs S. Nurse, Miss Emmerson, Mrs Rayner, Miss Wardale, Miss Butcher, Mrs Stoveld & Miss Hammill

Dersingham Canteen Workers

Miss Hough, the secretary, ran a private school in Manor Road at a house then known as Wellswill, now called, I think, Wood Royal. Mr. Mason-Jones was clerk to the Parish Council and Headmaster at the village school; He was nicknamed “Old Foss”. Mr. L. Tuck was a nurseryman. Mrs. Chilvers was wife to Arthur Chilvers the Station Master. The Coxons lived at a house then called Highlands; what is it now I wonder? The Lloyd Pratts lived at The Oaks, the house burnt down in 1965. Miss Garner was the postmistress with her sister.

Mrs Mitchell, Mrs M Senter, Mrs Chilvers, Miss Farrant, Lieut Warren, Mr Mason-Jones, Mr C. Rayner, Mr Lloyd Pratt, Mr A L Tuck, Miss Allen, Mrs S Bird, Miss M Stanton, Mrs Wheeler, Mrs. Shipton

Middle: Miss M Beck, Mrs Linford, Mrs Courtney, Miss Butcher, Mrs Hodges, Miss E Stanton, Mrs W Walden, Mrs C Reynolds, Miss Garner, Mrs Leathersetch, Mrs Taplin, Mrs A Bird, Mrs Rutherford, Mrs Bell, Miss D Chambers, Mrs Wyer, Mrs Yaxley

The Committee: Mrs W Twite, Mrs A C M Coxon, Mrs C Rayner, Mrs F Bunn, Miss Sitwell (Treasurer), Mrs R. Stanton (Chairman). Miss Hough (Secretary), Mrs Pain, Miss Yallop, Mrs Lloyd Pratt.

Dersingham Special Constables

Messrs Playford, Wells, Mapus-Smith, Whisker, Twite, Bird Cross & Benstead

Front: SPC Taylor, SPC Batterbee, PC Goldthorpe, Sgt Keeler, Chief Constable. S H van Neck CVO MC, Supintendant Woodeson, SPC Reynolds, PC Mitchell, Detective Constable Watts & SPS Dunger.
1938 Report from The Lynn News and Advertiser - Duty Well Done At Dersingham.

War & Peace in Norfolk by Tom Ebert
My first recollection of Dersingham was as a seven-year-old boy in 1941.