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This page contains audio recordings and transcripts of interviews of personal experiences in the village that were recorded by our villagers for the Dersingham 2000 History Project, part of our village's Millennium Project. An additional recording relates to experiences and memories of the two World Wars. Interviews for the Millennium Project were by Gloria Cator and transcriptions by Eilizabeth Fiddick. An exception to this was 15 (Janice Cross) both of which were by May Davey. Note that some recordings have poor audio quality and some of the original transcriptions are incomplete.
Dersingham 2000 History Project
Number Interviewee Transcript Recording
01 Doreen Asker PDF MP3
02 Gwendoline Ida Balding PDF MP3
03 Alan George Cross PDF MP3
04 Eric Henry Cross PDF MP3
05 Andrew Paul Herbert Fielding PDF MP3
06 Pat Franklin PDF MP3
07 Eddith Mabel Gilson and friend Maisie
08 Gill Griffin PDF Recording missing  
09 Albert Haslam PDF MP3
10 Roy William Hipkin PDF MP3
11 Tom Jardine
12 Ivy Elizabeth Lines PDF MP3
13 Ken John Martins PDF MP3
14 Sydney John Mitchell PDF MP3
15 Janice Cross PDF MP3
16 Elizabeth Janet Neale PDF MP3
17 Malcolm Nurse PDF MP3
18 Winifred Nora Nurse PDF MP3
19 William James Herbert Playford PDF MP3
20 Guy Charles Playford PDF MP3
21 George William Pratt PDF MP3
22 Charles Alfred Reynolds PDF MP3
23 Frederick Peter John Reynolds (2nd interview) PDF Recording missing
24 Derek Reynolds PDF MP3
25 Frederick Peter John Reynolds (1st interview) PDF Recording missing
26 Clifford James Riches PDF MP3
27 Arthur Eric Riches PDF MP3
28 Geoffrey Alan Rolfe PDF MP3
29 Beatrice Mildred Roper PDF MP3
30 Eddie Roye PDF Recording missing
31 George Richard Eldred Stanton PDF MP3
32 Ian Stockwell PDF MP3
33 Bernard Graham Twite PDF MP3
34 Alan Walker PDF MP3
Dersingham - A Village Remembers War Time
1st & 2nd World Wars