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Traffic Lights at Linford Corner
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Concerted efforts were made in the late 1970s to raise the issue of a bypass as the volume of traffic passing through the three villages of Snettisham, Ingoldisthorpe and Dersingham increased considerably. This was in some way due to an application for the building of a large housing development on land at the bottom of Station Road.

The following is an extract from a letter sent by the Dersingham Parish Council to the County Surveyor at Norfolk County Council in 1983.
In view of the County Surveyors Comments at a meeting of the Central Area Consultative Committee of the West Norfolk District Council, held at King’s Lynn on Monday 3rd December 1979 to the effect that the Dersingham Bypass, due to present cash restrictions, will not now be in the next Five year programme, and in fact will not, it is thought be started in the next ten years. And bearing in mind the length of time that the village of Dersingham has waited for this, and further that the NCC have routed ALL Sandringham traffic from King’s Lynn, along the A148 and then to the B1440 which ends at Linford corner, The parish Council of Dersingham calls upon the County Surveyor and the Norfolk County Council to install traffic Lights at Linford Corner Dersingham to help alleviate the problem of traffic trying to join the A149 from the village.  And further calls upon our Member of Parliament to give us his support in this matter.

By 1983 some houses had already been built in the Mountbatten Road area and in order to increase the number the developer, Mr. Roy Hipkin, had agreed to finance the installation of traffic lights  at the cross roads by Station Road.  He had also planned to open a second access point for traffic to enter the A149 at Dun Cow Corner (The present Supermarket site.) to ease the concerns over traffic.

Whilst the majority of the village were delighted with the idea of traffic lights as crossing the main road had become a dangerous undertaking on busy days there were some who objected strongly.

Reasons for objections
A common reason for objecting to the lights was the loss of car parking on the road in front of the cottages nearest to the lights. A no-waiting restriction was to be imposed for several metres on either side of the newly installed lights and this would cause the residents considerable problems and result in a reduction in the value of their properties.  It was pointed out by the authorities that parking would be available just a few metres away.

One complainant stated that the constant stopping and starting of cars that would result  from the lights would cause great offence and therefore they would need sound proofing and double glazing to be installed free of charge  as well as a reduction in their rates. Moreover, as the Bypass was now being actively promoted, there was surely no need for the lights.

However, the owner of the property No. 25a by the paper shop wanted the yellow lines to be extended further. They pointed out the fish shop, newsagents and bus stop that were all situated close by the cross roads and proposed restricted area. They stated they already had to stand wooden boxes on the road in front of their property to allow the Doctor and nurse to gain entry and with the other areas restricted more vehicles would be forced to park there for longer. They asked for the restricted parking to extend from Station Road to Glebe Road.   The authorities decided that those matters and the possible re-siting of a bus stop could be considered again once the lights had been installed and the traffic flow pattern could be monitored.

The final request was from one resident asking to be given special leave to park as usual in front of his cottage.  This was politely refused!

Thus it was in 1983 the traffic lights were duly installed by Mr.Hipkin at a cost of £20,000 and the growth of the Mountbatten Estate proceeded apace.

Below is a map showing in blue the location for the traffic lights; this and some communications from the County Surveyor are available for download here.

In 2018 the traffic lights were updated and the road markings were modified.