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15 Issues 37 to 91 Village Voice uploaded -
we need Issues 2 and 3 to complete the set - can anyone gift or loan them to us please?
14 Issues 31 to 36 Village Voice uploaded
13 Issues 26 to 30 Village Voice uploaded
12 Issues 21 to 25 Village Voice uploaded
11 Issues 16 to 20 Village Voice uploaded
10 Issues 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 Village Voice, as with others, have been scanned, OCR's and uploaded
09 Issues 8, 9 and 10 Village Voice uploaded
08 Issue 7 Village Voice uploaded
02 Issue 6 Village Voice uploaded
31  Issues 4 and 5 Village Voice uploaded
30  Dersingham Village Voice Issue 1 uploaded to Archive menu item
18  Treasure Trove - The Dersingham Hoard
15  Added letters from Dick Melton under People

Added the story of George Skelton, duck decoy builder
Added Jannoch's Court and the Dersingham Lily Nursery.
Added names to school cookery class photos and added more photographs to the end of  Dersingham Village School
Added photographs about the memorial window in Dersingham parish church to Alfred Richard Firth, son of Dersingham school master Alfred Firth.
Added more information and photographs to
Darkening Skies - now showing photograph of the Zeppelin whose bombs killed Mrs Dunger
The Dersingham Village War Memorial - added information about its restoration in 2008/09
Dersingham Church Institute
- demolition has started
I have published an important article on the Dersingham History web site; find it here. We believe this is the only place that documents the death of Violet Ellen Dunger; the only person to have died within Dersingham as a result of an act of war.
A second article I have added today is The Dersingham Village War Memorial
Added an article about the "the Haven of Dersingham" under Places.
Added detailed explanations behind the naming of Thomas Drew Close, Wallace Twite Way and Phillip Nurse Road to Places | Roads.
Added three photographs to "The Great Flood of 1671" article under Events.
Added five photographs to "Dersingham Village School" under Organisations.
Added an article about the "Dersingham Church Institute" under Places.
The Great Flood of 1671 added under Events
Updated information about the naming of Crisp Close under Places | Roads and added a page about the NEAVE family under People.
Added a Summary of Dersingham Residents in the 1851 Census under People.
Added the story of The Dun Cow pub under businesses
Added a detailed list of the residents of Dersingham in 1968/9, find the link under People | Census
Added a number of links to external web sites with specific Dersingham interests on our Links page.
Added a page about early education in Dersingham under Organisations
Added a lot more information to "The Dersingham Village School" page and draft companion articles "Alfred Richard Firth - The Schoolmaster's Son" and "The Demise of The Village School".
We now have a Facebook page that you can follow and keep up with what is being added on this web site
Added a short piece about the names THWAITE, TWAITE & TWITE under People
Opened a page about the Dersingham Parish Council, find this under Organisations, this is very early days but looking for information.
Added The Dersingham Village School (manor Road) under Organisations
Added the Cock Inn and Feathers Hotel under Businesses
Added "The Road To The Beach", an article under Places (also known locally as the Concrete Road)
Thomas Kerrich - Dersingham 18th and 19th Century under People
Added under Documents on Dersingham at War in Events "War & Peace in Norfolk, Dersingham Village History" by Tom Ebert My first recollection of Dersingham was as a seven-year-old boy in 1941
Under people "Samuel, Barbara and Thomas Kerrich - A portrait of an 18th century Dersingham family"
Guest Book link on the Home page, we look forward to hearing from you.
Named photos of "Salute the Soldier" Carnival Queen, Dersingham Branch of Women's Institutes, Dersingham Wardens, Dersingham Savings
Collectors, Dersingham Canteen Workers and Dersingham Special Constables to Dersingham at War under Events.
Transcriptions of 1831, 1836, 1839, 1845, 1855, 1856, 1864, 1869, 1874, 1877, 1883, 1890, 1908, 1922, 1925, 1929, 1933 and 1937 directories
Binham Priory Manor, Shouldham Priory Manor, Snaring Manor, Pakenham Manor, Gelham Manor, Brookhall Manor and Westhall Manor under Timeline.
Under People an article about the time of the Pell family of Dersingham in 1643 - Conflict, Conspiracy and Espionage - The strange affair at Appleton Hall.
Poll Tax for 1692 under People
Under Places Dersingham and the Royal Estate
Added Nathan Coward - A Dersingham Character under People
The History of Dersingham - Early Beginnings
Description of Dersingham' written by Samuel Kerrich, Vicar 1729- 1768
Amended the details under Places about Twaite's corner with thanks to Bernard Twite for information.
1. Transcriptions of 1892, 1896, 1900, 1904 ,1912 and 1916 directories added under People
2. More property origins added under Places
3. Review of the article "the Oldest House in Village" published under Places
4. Photographs of new year gala 1965 added under Events
5. Significant sections describing the roads, properties and locations have been added (see Places)
1. Links added to Dersingham pubs (see Businesses)
2. Links added to Monumental Inscriptions (MIs) for St Nicholas Church (see People)
3. All transcriptions and recordings from the Millennium project interviews are now available and through the People page.
Dersingham Millennium Project page added through the Events page .
4. Listed Buildings added to Places
3. Initial Timeline added.

25 March 2017

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