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Places in Dersingham
This page will deal with locations in the village

Listed Buildings and Scheduled Ancient Monuments
Considering the antiquity of the village there are very few buildings that have been listed by English Heritage; all are Grade 2 except for the Church which is Grade 1. The numbers relate to West Norfolk's database entries for the district and can be seen in this document as seen last dated May 2016
Saint Nicholas Church 922
Cross base 30m south of the Church 923
5c West Hall Manor Cottages 924
5e West Hall Manor Cottages 925
Tithe Barn (also a Scheduled Ancient Monument) 926 and SAM 00032
Garden Wall attached to and south of Dersingham Hall 927
Dersingham Hall 928
Moated site and associated earthworks 200m  south west of Saint Nicholas church  SAM00033
Roads of Dersingham
Here we examine the names of all the roads of the village today and their origins.

Properties and Places
An index of all the buildings and locations that are not roads with an understanding of their origins and locations.

Articles (by Elizabeth Fiddick unless stated otherwise)

Dersingham and the Royal Estate

The Oldest House in the Village Elizabeth's review of her article is here.

The Road to the Beach (or the "Concrete Road")

Dersingham Church Institute Opened

The Haven of Dersingham

The Dersingham War Memorial

Jannochs Court

Roads and Travel

Traffic Lights at Linford Corner

20th Century Roads and Travel

The Bypass is open!

The Old Vicarage