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People of Dersingham
This page will deal with historical records of people who live or have lived within the village and stories they have to tell

1851 -  Summary of Dersingham Residents

1968 - Not so much a census but certainly a comprehensive listing of Dersingham residents in 1968/9

Directories of Private Residents and those in a commerce are an excellent resource when researching people and can be related to census for the early ones. These links go to all the transcriptions we have undertaken from available material; if you have additional years we would appreciate a copy so that we can transcribe and add them here. As you will appreciate the task has not been small and the possibility of errors in typing is high; if you have spotted a mistake we would like to hear from you so we can correct it.

1831    1836    1839    1845    1854    1856    1864    1869    1874    1877    1883    1890    1892    1896   

1900    1904    1908    1912    1916    1922    1925    1929    1933    1937

Note that telephone numbers appear by 1912 and are shown as TN.

Interviews with Dersingham Folk
This page contains audio recordings and transcripts of interviews of personal experiences in the village that were recorded as the Dersingham villagers for the Dersingham 2000 History Project. An additional recording relates to experiences and memories of the two World Wars.

Monumental Inscriptions
St Nicholas Church Monumental Inscriptions with burial plot numbers are available here. We believe that these were recorded by members of the Women's Institute. You will be required to register a free account to access these records. The site is run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and is perfectly safe; registration is to try to prevent automated download from the site.

Notable People
Nathan Coward - A Dersingham Character

Alfred Richard Firth - The Schoolmaster's Son

Samuel, Barbara and Thomas Kerrich - A portrait of an 18th century Dersingham family

Thomas Kerrich - Dersingham 18th and 19th century

The Pell family of Dersingham in 1643 - Conflict, Conspiracy and Espionage - The strange affair at Appleton Hall

George Skelton - Builder of Duck Decoys

Poll Taxes

Surnames Research
NEAVE - Information from Ken Parker
SOFTLEY - If you are studying the surname of SOFTLEY in Dersingham from 1853 this is a good resource.THWAITE, TWAITE & TWITE - A short item from Bernard Twite